About Us & Our Mission

Just a short story on how Dezo Empire came about.

I was born in Cuba, but raised in NYC since I was a year old. Growing up in the city in the 70's and 80's was exhilarating! It was the most memorable & adventurous time of my life. Since the age of 14 (circa 1981), I went by the tag name Dezo. At that time, the Graffiti and break-dancing culture was an integral part of my teenage years, and molded much of my creativity.

Fast forward to my adult life when I moved to south Florida. 

After I had my boys, I wanted them to have fresh, hip, tees. Unfortunately, there wasn't much out there in stores, and what was available was the same old stuff, lacking originality. So, with the help from my wife, Carol, we embarked on a search to find the perfect tee.  After we accomplished that, with a mixture of my graffiti and some of her ideas, DezoEmpire was born!

And now, here we are, Un-officially "The Little People's Brand!", ready to share our creativity with you :)



Our Mission

We want to be a company that supports and empowers all kids to be themselves and express their style in any way they feel moved.  We are all one kind and that is "Hueman Kind"(a beautiful blend of all colors), and we believe in teaching kids that we are all one people in this world.  Spreading love, is key to molding future leaders in our children. "We Gots To Love"!